General Office Cleaning

We pay special attention to details, from stainless steel push plates to properly treating and cleaning your furniture surfaces.  Dusting, cleaning and polishing glass, removing smudge marks from doors and walls, sweeping and mopping hard surface floors, and vacuuming all carpeted areas are a few items included in the Wright Way general cleaning program.

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Medical Office Cleaning

Studies show that infectious disease spread by way of human contact, so when we come in contact with highly touched items such as sink faucets in a public restroom we leave ourselves and others at risk of being infected.  The solution is Wright Way and our QAP- Quality Assurance Program, as a part of our training program we use black light inspections to determine if our staff is properly following our cleaning standards.

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COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Electrostatic fogging is the best method for disinfecting. Wright Way Cleaning LLC is using this disinfection system in many facilities throughout the country to treat Coronavirus COVID-19 infected areas.

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Education Cleaning

To ensure that we are providing the best protection needed for each student and employee of the facilities we service, we train each of our Cleaning Specialist to disinfect all frequently touched areas, areas such as light switches, push plates and door handles.  The best prevention in the spreading of germs is Hand Washing, what we at Wright Way add to your infection control program are our chemical and cleaning processes, where you can be sure that your students and staff will have less of a chance in catching cold or the flu.

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Turnkey Cleaning

Wright Way Turnkey Services provide a clean and sanitized, worry free environment for our clients who have additions or new construction.  With our turnkey program your tenants, staff, and customers can move in and start operating immediately.

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Floor Care Services

Our highly trained and experience floor technicians, they will make sure to pay special attention to edges, corners and base boards cleanliness in addition to diligently working to guarantee the entire floor maintains that “showroom shine” look that our clients now enjoy.  We also provide cleaning and floor maintenance services for many floor types as well just ask us.

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Facility Management

We at Wright Way, LLC provide specialized Facility Management services from basic general maintenance and minor repairs to small renovations, Environmental and Hospitality services, and exterior Landscaping services.  We customize Facility Management programs to accommodate each client’s needs.

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